A Guide To Creative Cakes

When it comes to  cake ideas it’s all too easy for small imaginations to run wild. There are a plethora of themes; favourite characters to be depicted in icing; and don’t forget the need for bright colours and sparkle in edible form. Getting a distinct cake that meets the  girl’s expectations, doesn’t have you up until 2am on the morning of the party, and is achievable, can be a tall order.  We all know you can’t have a birthday party without cake! Even Julia Child said “A party without a cake is just a meeting.”The beauty and sweetness of the cakes are loved by ladies at any time. Here, we recommend some of the most popular sweet cakes for you.

1.Bas Relief Cakes
Bas relief is a technique where textures are created by having motifs over the cake with an embossed effect. The motifs are usually kept the same color as the rest of the cake to make it look as if it was raised from the same surface. This method of cake decorating borrows inspiration from ancient sculptural techniques and would be perfect for a nice day.

2.Mini Cakes
Small wedding cake with gold and grassy accents.With intimate gatherings on the rise, there’s no need for couples to invest in large, multi-tier confections. Instead, they’ll opt for small cutting cakes of one or two tiers. “Because weddings are more intimate, there is a rise in small micro-wedding cakes and single-tier cakes,” says Marleeta Peppers, owner of Leeta’s Creations Custom Cakes. Adds baker Arley Arrington: “Lately, I’ve been working less on tiered cakes, and more on individually packaged desserts.”

3.Hand-Painted Art
The idea of “edible art” will make its way to wedding cake, which will serve as a piece of functional décor at the reception. Couples will work with their pros to plan an intimate gathering that’s accented by pieces that complement each other—a cake design that echoes the vibe of the setting will create a cohesive atmosphere that will wow guests. “A creative cake adds a unique touch to the party. Guests can marvel and say ‘That’s edible?'” says Schlesinger.

4.Candy-Filled/ Pinata Cakes
Pinata cakes are colorful and fun creative birthday cakes that have a hidden surprise inside! The surprise could be any type of candy from gummy bears and sprinkles to lollipops and toffees! Fill a cake with the b’day girl/boy’s favorite candy and they wouldn’t even know it’s in there until they cut through it! These creative candies cakes are also popular at baby showers to reveal genders with blue or pink stuffed candy!

5.Mirror Glaze Cakes
They’re called so ’cause you can actually see your reflection in them! These glossy, high-shine creative cakes are almost too pretty to eat! The sheen comes from a mixture of gelatin, sugar, water and food color that’s poured over a frosted cake. Tie-dye, galaxy and marbling are some exceptionally .

6.Chocolate Overload Cakes
These creative cake designs are for chocoholics who just can’t get enough of chocolate! Like the name suggests, it’s an overload of chocolate and more chocolate! Top an already rich choco cake with anything and everything chocolate! Cookies, macarons, chocolate bars, candy, sprinkles, donuts, choco chips, syrup drips and what not! Just remember, with these creative cakes, more is less!

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