Get A-Head Of 2022’s Biggest Accessories Trends

As you start to pull on your favorite boots and chunkiest sweaters this season, make sure to top it all off with hottest accessory trends for 2022. After all, no ensemble is complete without an accessory or two! Thankfully, based on the Fall/ Winter 2021 runways, we’re in for a pretty stylish season—with accessory trends spanning all kinds of categories. From edgy to ladylike to literal cowboy vibes, welcome to the Wild West of fall accessory trends, y’all.

  • Oversized Statement Link Chains

I think this will be one of the biggest accessory trends this year so don’t be concerned so much with looking like a rapper in an incrusted big chain necklace. Contrary to that, link chains come in many feminine and stylish pieces. The one advice I offer is to wear an oversized chain necklace or bracelet with plain tops and dresses to avoid an overwhelming look. If you are a petite woman, then consider short chain necklaces as they look more proportioned with your size.

  • Mask-cessorizing

Wait, you don’t have a mask chain yet?? In spring 2022, we’re making the most of our civic duty to wear a face mask and keep others safe from the spread of germs—in style! Whether you opt for a statement-making mask or a fun mask accessory, embrace this now-necessary item as a fashion trend, too.

  • Opera Gloves

While many 2022 accessory trends have been recycled from past looks, this one goes way back. Elbow-length gloves— A.K.A. opera gloves— are making a comeback thanks to celebrities like Margot Robbie. This is a perfect look for the fringe season when it’s too warm to bundle up but still chilly in the mornings.

Opera gloves are the perfect accessory for formal events and add an air of elegance to even a basic black dress. Soothe your hands with a stunning pair of stain gloves or invest in leather opera gloves for an unforgettable edgy look.

  • Scrunchies

Though scrunchies never disappeared completely, the controversial accessory has been everywhere lately. Besides being a safer alternative for your strands, the endless fabric options make for easy and functional accessorizing. Equally chic around your wrist, they work well wrapped around a ponytail or bun, and you’ll simply never regret having a comfy and cute up-do accessory at hand amid the warmer months.

  • Leather Waist Belts – Particularly Corset Style

Corsets are one fashion item that has a long history, first becoming truly popular back in 1600’s Europe. They were seen as an indispensable part of women’s fashion back then, and have been incorporated into all manner of clothing pieces since – from dresses to lingerie. Leather waist belts are popular this season, and many stores are really bringing back that corset, lace-up look to their pieces. A great way to incorporate them into an outfit is with a military styled green jacket like in the picture below – it maintains the casual vibe, but brings the chic!

  • Wrapped Up

Silky scarves and bandanas are all the rage this season, whether you’re wrapping a scarf around your face mask for a more chic look or tying a bandana around your hair to mask some second-day strands. Models at Dior sported edgy hair scarves while those at Gucci had more boho hippie vibes, but both confirmed one thing: the look is so, so in.

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