How to Clean Makeup Sponges Right Way?

One of a cosmetic collection’s most important tools is the common makeup sponge. Makeup sponge can produce a flawless finish that resembles airbrushing when used correctly. However, they must also be properly cared for because they tend to get dirty quickly. They can pick up a lot of bacteria, makeup, and even mould when they are not in use. So, here’s how to clean your makeup sponges correctly to avoid that situation.

How to Clean Makeup Sponges Right Way?

#Method 1: Soaking Makeup Sponges

Soaking your makeup sponge in warm water is the quickest and easiest way to clean it. If the regular washing you do does not completely remove the dirt, this is a great step to take. Warm, soapy water is best for this, and you should leave it in the liquid for more than 30 minutes. The excess product and foundation that gets stuck in the makeup tool will be actively removed by this. Before using it again, dry it out with a towel after 30 minutes to remove any moisture.

#Method 2: Using Olive Oil & Dishwashing Detergent

Olive oil and dishwashing detergent are the best antimicrobials, antibacterial, and antiviral methods for cleaning your makeup sponge. This is another quick and simple way to clean your makeup sponges that is a great alternative to traditional cleansers.

  1. Combine oil, warm water, and dishwashing detergent or baby shampoo.
  2. After submerging the sponge in the solution, run it under a hot tap to remove any excess product.
  3. Squeeze the makeup sponge three times and rinse it with a facial cleanser to remove all of the oil. It helps get rid of anything that’s left in the tool.

#Method 3: Using Microwave to Clean Makeup Sponges

Let me introduce you to the microwave method if you would rather risk a bad breakout than spend all that time scrubbing and soaking your sponges. Your makeup sponge can be sanitized with just a quick zap. Please notice that you will end up with a melted mess if you simply place your dirty sponge on the microwave tray and press the start button.

  1. Make a mixture of soap and water. In a microwave-safe cup, first, combine a few squirts of mild soap (such as dish soap or baby shampoo) with water. When it comes to measurements, you can use your hands; just make sure that there is enough soapy solution to completely cover the sponge.
  2. Make the sponge wet. Before fully submerging the sponge in the cup, give it a few squeezes to get it wet.
  3. Microwave it. Before removing the cup from the microwave, microwave it for about one minute and allow it to cool for at least 30 seconds. Your filthy sponge will have retained its original appearance as the soapy water has turned into liquid makeup residue.
  4. Get rid of it. After the water has cooled, the sponge should be rinsed and wrung out under running water before being left to dry.

FAQ About Cleaning Makeup Sponges

How Long Can Makeup Sponges Last?

A makeup sponge can last anywhere from three to six months, depending on how well you take care of it and the quality of it.

Can Makeup Sponges Be Resuable?

Yes, makeup sponges are intended to be reusable, but they should be thoroughly cleaned and maintained. They become a breeding ground for bacteria if you don’t, and you run the risk of getting skin infections.

When is the Right Time to Change Makeup Sponges?

Your makeup sponges should be thoroughly cleaned once a month and checked for health once a week. If your makeup sponge is nicked, torn, or disintegrating, or if it has stains on it that won’t come out with washing, you should throw it away.

Final Thought

Your makeup sponge should be washed on a weekly basis because it is quick and painless. Cleaning my makeup sponge made it more enjoyable to use, and it was fascinating to see how much foundation and concealer had built up in the depths of this squishy applicator over time.

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