Long Hairstyles For Women

Most famous women have boasted magnificent long hairdos at some point, and why shouldn’t you follow their footsteps? Stars with long locks walk the red carpets of this world and inspire your next choice.Hairstyles for long hair  are absolutely gorgeous when worn sleek and healthy. Take your long,  hair to the next level by adding sweet layers, side bangs, subtle texture, or pull it back into a stunning updo.

1.Long hairstyles with bangs

A familiar long hairstyle with bangs is a Lob or long bob. Strictly a bob is one length all the way around but over the years terminology evolves along with innovation. The fringe can be bang straight or softened a little to avoid any harsh lines and delicately frame the face.Try asymmetric bangs that sweep from one side to the other, or baby bangs for a dramatic finish. Arched bangs are worth considering but they are often difficult to live with as the popular way to wear them is just above the eyeline but they do soten a square face effectively.

2.Long wavy hairstyles

Long wavy styles hark back to the golden age of Hollywood and should never be forgotten as an option. Stars like Veronica Lake made this look a timeless classic.

3.Fluffy Big Wave Hairstyle

Sometimes, the soft bending is the only condition for you to obtain the highest charm. The fluffy big wave hairstyle is soft and natural, giving a smooth and fresh feeling, and this hairstyle is the perfect choice to bring a jazzy feel to this simple look.

4.Long layered hairstyles

Long layers can produce a variety of effects depending on the density or angle of the layers. During the cutting process, sections of hair are pulled taut and the ends snipped at an angle, the more acute or sharp the angle, the more the layers are spread along the length.

The layers can be cut flat or in different shapes to give different finishes. Layers do not enhance volume per se but reduce the weight so more lift can be applied and extra volume will be the end result.

5.Prom hairstyles for long hair

Who wears short hair for the prom? In all fairness, many do but most girls aim is to waft into their prom with long flowing locks or in a stunning updo or chignon. Lots of inspiration here.Elegant and exquisite long hair is the main content of dance parties, weddings and formal occasions all over the world. If you want two eyes to appear in the dance party or become the focus, a suitable long hair for the dance is essential.

6. Long Shag

The retro, rock’n’roll style of the ’70s is trending again this year. That decade’s iconic haircut was the shag. For a modern take, try wearing this style with long hair, instead of the classic short or mid-length. To make it work for your face shape, have the stylist cut in a fringe. Long, side-swept bangs balance out the volume in the rest of the cut and draw the eye diagonally down, making it perfect for square faces. Add subtle highlights and lowlights to complement the natural movement in the long shag hairstyle.

7. Long Straight Hair

The ultimate simple style is long straight hair. Because this look is so simple, you’ll need to make sure your locks are in tip-top condition. There’s no room for frizziness or split ends; otherwise, this hairstyle runs the risk of looking messy and unkempt. Long hair can be dense, so use a root building product to make sure your mane isn’t weighing itself down and looking too flat. Ask your stylist to add subtle highlights also, as this will stop your hair from looking like one solid block of color. A significant upside to long straight hair is that it is the perfect canvas to show off your make-up, as it won’t distract from your face.

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