The Biggest Hair Color Trends For 2022

“New year, new me” might be tired, but you know what isn’t? A hair change. It’s easy, it’s fun, and there’s no shortage of cool hair-color trends to try right now. While 2021’s biggest trends sounded like something off a drink menu—cold brew hair, root beer brown—the styles for 2022 seem like they’re shaping up to be easy, effortless twists on natural shades.

1.Chocolate Truffle

Look closely (or zoom in) and you’ll see that Priyanka Chopra’s hair has two shades of brown mixed in. Guy Tang, colorist and creator of #mydentity, calls it “Chocolate Truffle,” which combines warmer and cooler brunette tones together. “This works perfectly on Priyanka because the chocolate pieces around her face and throughout her mids and ends complement her warmer skin tone while the truffle base enhances her deeper, cooler eye color.” If you’re looking for a change this year but don’t want a dye job that’s too extreme, consider this the happy medium.


Brunette Hair with Auburn Highlights. Warm up your dark hair by going for reddish brown highlights. You can have chunkier pieces of color or thinner ones – depending on your style.

3. Sandstone Hair

Sandstone Hair. Going from a cool shade of dirty blonde to a warmer buttery hue, this look demonstrates a flawless transition!

4.Strawberry Blonde

Shades of red are still trending for 2022, but if you’re looking to go to the lighter side, strawberry blonde is a great option. “I have a lot of clients that are wanting [a] really bleached-out pale blonde, as well as strawberry and apricot blonde,” says colorist Jacob Schwartz at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills. Isla Fisher favors this pretty strawberry hue, a stunning combination of blonde and red. It’s a low-maintenance shade that allows a lot of flexibility in how intense you want it to be.

5. Pastel Pink Hair Color

Pastel Pink Hair Color. Similar to lilac, blush pink will brighten up your complexion instantly. You can choose to have your roots showing or not, either way, it will look super cute and playful!

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